Election 2020

Consider thie page as a Wall to write a sentence or two opinion on San Francisco Ballot Measures: Propositions AA-L,, RR. https://sfelections.sfgov.org/measures


Proposition A: Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond
Jean 550 Utah:
Three D10 parks will benefit from this Bond, including Jackson Street Park. Our Supervisor has worked to get D10 assets included. This needs a 2/3 majority. VOTE YES on A


Proposition B: Department of Sanitation and Streets, Sanitation and Streets Commission, and Public Works Commission
Robert, Potrero Ave
Prop B, in my opinion is a joke. We have a DPW. We need more people on the streets and less directing the few. Less boards, more workers, vote NO. 

Proposition C: Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies

Proposition D: Sheriff Oversight

Proposition E: Police Staffing

Proposition F: Business Tax Overhaul

Proposition G: Youth Voting in Local Elections


Proposition H: Neighborhood Commercial Districts and City Permitting

Proposition I: Real Estate Transfer Tax

Proposition J: Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District

Proposition K: Affordable Housing Authorization

Proposition L: Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executive’s Pay to Employees’ Pay


Proposition RR: Caltrain Sales Tax