Potrero Gateway Park

The MUNA steering committee agreed that problems on San Bruno Avenue and under the 101 freeway on 17th Street need to be addressed.  There is a good deal of neighborhood interest in improving the area in terms of safety and cleanliness.  On hearing news of this project, folks from the 400 block of Vermont Street have joined the committee.  The committee has voted to name the project “Potrero Gateway Park”.   Below are notes from our meetings.

Check out the website for Potrero Gateway Park: The Loop:  http://potrerogatewaypark.org

Puzzling Hole in the serpentine which serves as an encampment: Hole in the Serpentine

June 26 Meeting Notes:  Workshop 1 Report

Photos of the area between Mariposa and 18th east of Utah:  Caltrans Right-of-Way North of Mariposa Part 2

June 26 Workshop 1 PhotosPotrero Gateway Park Workshop 1 Photos

Project Zones: 


Flyer for First Community Meeting with Bionic Landscape ArchitectsFlyer June26

Notes from Community Meeting 2-27-13:  Potrero Gateway Park Community Planning Meeting Summary

Presentation for Pre-Design Community Meeting 2-27-2013:  Potrero Gateway Park

Flier for Pre-Design Community Meeting:  MeetingFlier-2-27-2013

11×17 Fundraising BrochureGateway_Brochure

Committee Chooses a Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect Chosen

Meeting – Caltrans & DPW Street Parks Program (August 14,2012)

DPW-Caltrans-8-14-12 Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda and Discussion

June 4 Committee Meeting Minutes and Action Items

Minutes-June 4-2012

Site Plans

Thomas Church Competition Winner – April 2012

The Thomas Church competition winner was selected by the UC Berkely landscape department members.  The FULCRUM project won.  Electronic versions of the submissions are at the link below.


Letter to Professor Hood

SFMUNA Summary for UCB Professor Hood

Response from SFMTA rejecting Traffic Calming Petition

SFMTA Letter

Traffic Calming Submission

Presentation to the Potrero Boosters – Feb. 2012

MUNA Open Space Projects  – presentation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhH1wpwfMWE – movie

Meeting with Pastor Dumanovsky, Russian Gospel Church 1/20/2011:

Jan 20 Meeting at Russian Gospel Church

Meeting of 17th-San Bruno Project Committee 1/19/2011

Jan 19 Meeting Notes

Meeting with Caltrans, DPW and SFParksAlliance 12/6/2011

17th-San Bruno Project Meeting Dec 6 2011 Minutes

Dec 6 Meeting Presentation

Meeting with Supervisor Cohen, 10/19/2011

Presentation to Supervisor Cohen on October 19, 2011

LetterTo SupervisorCohen.pdf