“Building Bridges” 2012 New Year’s Block Party

On a surprisingly balmy and mild winter Sunday, the San Bruno neighborhood organization and the MUNA neighborhood organization celebrated the improvements to the neighborhood that were accomplished by the two groups working together.

New lighting on both sides of the bridge, numerous work parties to weed and clean the parks on both  sides of the bridge and a vigilance regarding graffiti have made the area both groups share safer and more enjoyable to frequent.   So the groups decided to CELEBRATE!!

Two new tents required practice installing before the party day.   April, Dave, David, Joe and Jean had a rehearsal.

Who has the instructions?    Hope party day is not windy.
Party morning we needed to set up the tents and bouncy house.  But we also were hungry.  Loren, Vigo and Morgan provided yummy pancakes, blueberries, strawberries and cream cheese.
When the bouncy house was filled with air, the process needed to be monitored by Morgan.  Did you ever wonder what it was like inside the house?
A block party is a great time to meet new neighbors and chat with the ones you’ve know for a while.
Three tents and a bouncy house fit nicely in the cul-de-sac.
It’s also a good time for the kids to get to play while the adults chat.
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