December Muna Meeting

Crimes and Police:

Mission Station Contact Info:

  • 630 Valencia Street
  • 415-558-5400
  • Twitter: @SFPD_Mission

Mission Station Representatives attending meeting:

  • Sergeant Pete Shields
  • Officer Matt Friedman (webmaster)
  • Inspector Matt Lee

SF SAFE Representative attending meeting:

  • Rob Mackenzie

Passing Calls:

  • A way to ask for more cruisers to pass through (415-558-5400)
  • There is a clipboard that holds the queue of requests
  • Call and ask for “Passing calls on Utah St @ 2:00 am for prostitution/suspicious car or camper”
  • Call and ask for “72 hour tow sticker for camper on the street”
  • Sargent Pete Shields recommends calling approximately every two weeks

  • Easy access to contact numbers, district map
  • Captain’s newsletter (current events in district)
  • Mission Reach:
  • Chronic problem outreach program at Mission Station
  • Officer Alex Medina receives comments posted on website
  • She has experience dealing with CalTrans and DPW
  • E.g. re-planning and redesigning new Dolores Park with safety in mind
  • Request passing calls through this avenue as well
  • Email officer Medina directly if you want
  • Safety information, how to protect yourself from common crimes
  • Online reporting system for low level crimes (get a report number)
  • Twitter account for local closures, immediate information for ongoing crimes
  • Program for identifying recovered stolen bicycle has been very successful

Recent Robberies:

  • 4-5 recent robberies reported in neighborhood via email
  • 1:00 AM, agile burglar or group
  • Mission Station response:
  • We have not matched any prints to any particular person
  • Not sure if prints are the same in recent robberies
  • Sergeant Shields will request this in the future
  • No idea who is behind these robberies
  • If someone can get a camera with face shots WE CATCH THEM
  • Buy an expensive camera with better resolution

Mini-Park Committee Report: 

  • Improvement objectives are to increase positive use of park and increase visibility in park to increase safety.
  • Committee has met 4 times this year
  • Working with Jeff Miller Company to create Activity Court extending stone wall motif
  • Planning to apply for funding from Community Challenge Grant program and from Eastern Neighborhoods Fund.
  • Have met with RPD, SFParks Alliance and have sent drawings to Caltrans
  • Members: Isabelle, Paul, JD, Juan, David, Molly, Jean

San Bruno & 17th street Committee Report:


  • Homelessness on corner of Mariposa and San Bruno
  • Illegal dumping along San Bruno
  • Fence barring access to overpass vandalized
  • Blind curve at Mariposa/San Bruno
  • Traffic calming project to slow cars
  • Remove some parking at corner and add some perpendicular parking near 17th?

Mission Station response:

  • Units dedicated to moving homeless into shelters
  • Sue Lavin from Bayview, DPW, Caltrans are working on this, too
  • Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) dedicated to this
  • Caltrans has jurisdiction under freeway, SFPD on street
  • Homeless services in the neighborhood (soup kitchens, etc) increase local homeless population

Committees Plans:

  • Committee has met 4 times, one of these wiht Sup. Malia Cohen and one with StreetParks heads, Julia Brashares and Sandra Zuniga.
  • Dec 6 meeting scheduled w/ Caltrans, DPW and Sue Lavin (Police Homeless Outreach)
  • Reaching out to UCB Landscape Department to see if there is interest in student project to improve area
  • Work with DPW StreeParks and with District 10 Supervisor (Malia Cohen)
  • Members: Sheldon, Maria, Karin, JR, Jean

Persistent Problems: 

Homelessness Cycle:

  • Police make contact, ID, issue citations
  • Homeless coalition represents homeless person
  • If eventually they miss a court date, PD can get a warrant
  • Some refuse city services such as shelters, mental health services

Crime Priority and restructuring of Police Stations:

  • General investigations used to be in 850 Bryant, now moved to individual stations
  • Formerly the triage was more removed from the neighborhood
  • Now triage is at neighborhood station level, should be more hands-on

School Kids:

  • Graffiti problems on overpass, walls, and windows
  • Jaywalking is dangerous due to speeding on Utah
  • Can we make contact with those schools?
  • Nearby schools may be in Bayview District


Smart phones:

  • Mission stations gets 5 phone snatch-n-grabs per day
  • Stay aware, keep your phone in your pocket
  • Article in SFGATE about cell phone thefts:

Software for Computers which will help with recovery:

For PCs
For MACs

Hot prowls:

  • Many burglaries happen during the day and burglar rings the doorbell
  • Let caller know that you are home but don’t answer
  • Recently this has been happening at night
  • Burglars are generally calculated
  • Lock doors and windows
  • Burglar break-ins are not loud, even when forcing doors
  • Many Burglaries are second and third story windows on back of building
  • Install tracking software on your laptop

Radio Shack alarm:

  • This can be used in addition to system alarms
  • Less effective

Home Security:

  • Rob Mackenzie of  SF SAFE ( will do a free security analysis of your home or business as part of the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) program.  See Services->Home Security on their website.
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